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Dog Walking

We offer regular or occasional group dog walking where your dog will be collected in our customised vans with dog guards and crates and taken to a safe location where they can run and play with other friendly dogs to their hearts content. We only walk well socialised dogs in a pack environment and prefer them to be off lead as much as possible for the maximum enjoyment of sensory and physical stimulation. After the walk we will provide fresh drinking water and towel your dog down if wet or muddy.
Our dog walking service has been proven to reduce behavioural problems such as hyperactivity, chewing furniture and household objects, barking and whining, all of the above can be symptoms of boredom and a lack of exercise.
 Bitches in season and uncastrated male dogs over 1yr old are not suitable for group walks. 

We offer puppy sitting for the little ones who are not yet ready to join in with the pack, please see our Puppy Sitting service below for more information 

Contact us for a free consultation where we will visit you and your pets at home to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

Puppy Sitting

Nothing gets us more gooey than meeting a new puppy, many of the dogs we walk today joined us as puppies back in 2010 and it is extremely rewarding to see their characters and personality develop week by week.
Our puppy sitting service is available up to 20 weeks of age when they will then graduate onto group walks.
Initially our service includes letting your puppy into the garden, cuddles & play, feeding and cleaning up any accidents.
After vaccinations when your puppy has been given the all clear to go out into the big wide world we start with short lead walks around your local area and work on building trust and confidence introducing them to as many different sights and sounds as possible. Contact Us for more details.

Cat Sitting Service

Our cat sitting home visits are ideal for cat owners who are reluctant to put their cat into a cattery while away on holiday or business.
Our service allows your cat to remain in their own environment for the duration without having to rely on friends or family. 
We can call in once or twice per day as required to tend to your cat, which may include feeding, petting, play, providing fresh water and changing litter tray. 
As part of our cat sitting service we can also pick up mail, make your house look lived in by opening/closing curtains, turn on/ off lights and water house plants. 
Charges are per visit, not per cat. 
We take your home security extremely seriously and are able to carry out cat sitting visits discreetly in a car rather than a sign written van if you prefer not to advertise the fact that you are away.

Contact us for a free consultation where we will visit you and your pets at home to discuss your requirements in more detail.  

Small Animal Care

All home visits are tailored to meet our client's needs.
We can visit your pet once or twice per day as instructed and will generally provide fresh water & food, cuddle & play, clean up, let out into a pen, lay fresh bedding. 
We can tend to Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Caged Birds, Hamsters, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Ferrets and Fish, however, if you have a more exotic pet please call us to discuss your needs. 
If required we can also check your home security, pick up mail, open/close curtains and water household plants. 
Fees are charged per visit, not per pet.
Contact us for more details.

Our Transport

All our vans have non slip flooring, guards and crates to ensure your dog is transported in comfort and safety.


Muddy Paws will usually retain your keys on file for future bookings, unless otherwise stated at the point of booking.

When your keys are not in use they are kept in a locked safe and each key is coded. Addresses or telephone numbers are not used to identify your keys, these are kept in a different location, we regard your home security as of paramount importance.

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